Natural Weight Loss Tips

Would you like to lose weight?

If so, you probably want to get results quickly.

We can save you lots of time: forget about fad diets. Don’t even bother with them. They don’t provide you with results that will last. There are many options that are available to you that are much healthier that you can get started with right now.

A lot of weight loss experts state that you can safely lose a minimum of three pounds a week at home by consuming a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.garcinia fruits

Weight Loss Tips

You can lose 1 to 2 pounds a week if you can burn 500 calories more each day than what you consume. If you’d like to lose weight at an even faster pace, you have to consume fewer calories and do more exercising.

As an example, if you exercise for one hour per day and eat 1,050 to 1,200 calories a day, you can potentially lose as much as 3-5 pounds during your first week. If you weigh more than 250 pounds currently, you could potentially lose even more weight. However, don’t cut your calories any more, since that could potentially be dangerous.

If at first you limit salt and starches, you may be able to lose even more weight. However, it will mainly be fluids and not fat.

Dr. Michael Dansinger from The Biggest Loser (NBC television program) states that if you reduce sodium and cut starches this can reduce fluids and fluid retention. You could lose up to 5 pounds of fluids when you are first starting out.

Fast Weight Loss Diets

2lut2swYou should eat a diet where animal fat is minimized, which comes from consuming too much starch, sugar, meat and dairy foods, according to Dr. Dansinger. He recommends that if you want to rapidly lose weight that you focus on eating foods like 95% lean meat, skinless poultry breasts, shellfish and other fish, nonfat dairy foods, products made of soy, egg whites and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

The following tips are offered by the author of the Flexitarian Diet, Dawn Jackson Blatner:

  • Start a food diary and write down everything you eat. This can help you stay on track.Make sure to not skip any meals.Always eat off of a plate and while sitting down at the table. Don’t just stand in front of your refrigerator and graze.

    Keep busy. Don’t eat just because you are bored.

    Remove all tempting foods from the kitchen.

    Drink plenty of water.

    Eat vegetables to help feel full.

Bonnie Taub Dix, author of Read It Before You Eat It, say that even if you write down everything you eat on a napkin before throwing it away, the simple act of writing things down can help you stay accountable to yourself. This weight loss tool is very effective.

Another thing you can note, in addition to detailing the foods you eat and when, is how you were feeling right before eating. Ask yourself if you were feeling angry, sad, bored? We often place too much focus on food and calories. However, another thing that plays an important role in the eating habits that we develop is our emotions.

If you happen to notice a persistent pattern to your emotional eating, you might want to consider consulting with a counselor. This can be very helpful in helping you find alternative ways to handle your emotions.

Exercise To Lose Weight Quickly

This is the time to add more movement into your life. One study says that you should exercise for approximately one hour a day if you want to lose weight.

– Plan to do cardio and strength training.

– Dr. Dansinger says that cardio exercise burns the most calories, which makes it ideal if you are trying to lose weight fast. However, strength training also needs to be incorporated for a few hours per week. Dr. Dasinger recommends that to burn the maximum amount of fat that after warming up, you should try to break a sweat and then keep seating over the entire hour.

If you are not exercising currently and have some sort of chronic condition or need to lose lots of weight, you should consult with a doctor first. They can offer you some good advice to ensure you are well prepared for exercising.

Make sure you pace yourself. Don’t try doing too much at first. To help prevent injuring yourself, work up to doing workouts that are more strenuous.

Performing interval training is one good way to step up your intensity level. This involves doing high intensity exercise in short bursts and then following that up with a more moderate pace. Repeat this pattern throughout your workout.

Blatner says that interval training allows people to work harder without having to work at the more intense level the entire time. It becomes easier over time to burn extra calories as you keep doing this.

Fad Diets And Crash Diets

All the diet crazes that go around can sound really tempting, especially if you need to lose lots of weight. There is always news about celebrities who have succeeded with a diet, and they always look before-after-4weeksfabulous.

However, you need to remember, if a diet sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Avoid any program that promotes detoxification pills, laxatives, fasting or potions in addition to any regimen that promises that you can lose over 2 to 3 pounds per week.

It is counterproductive to cut the daily calories you consume to under 1,050-1,200. You must have strong muscles in order to exercise effectively.

If you don’t consume a sufficient number of calories, you can end up losing valuable muscle in addition to the fat. That isn’t good since it will slow your metabolism down. Dr. Dansinger says it makes it more difficult to increase the intensity level or duration of your exercising.

An additional way that a fad diet can potentially set you up for failure is you are deprived of eating foods you really like. You can’t keep eating like that over the long run. You are very like to rebel, which puts you back to where you first began before you started on your diet.

When it comes to your weight loss goals, take them head on. However, it is important to go about it correctly and set yourself up so that you achieve success that will last over the long term.


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