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I was switching stations on my TV last week when I eyed a commercial on the Oprah Winfrey Show for “Pure Life Cleanse.” I was interested in the product, but couldn’t quite figure out how to order it. That’s when I discovered the Trending Health For Women website. This site offers trial supplies on a bonus basis. This is a great idea, because who wants to buy something unless they know it works?

The bottom line is, I have been taking these supplements for two weeks now. And, I must admit, they really work well. The results I’m getting are unbelievable. So I thank you very much for performing the test and then posting the article.


Everywhere I travel I am hearing things about Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse~ For instance, my aunt recently heard about the program at the hairdresser. Apparently a friend of hers lost 8 pounds in just 17 days. As a result, I was motivated to try it.

By the way, I want everyone to know that the plan works for men as well as women. Believe it or not, even your family pets can be helped with their weight problem using this product! That’s right — incredible as it seems, it even works on cats and dogs!


My best friend Angie did the cleanse and has now dropped down two whole dress sizes! It’s fantastic! I decided to do some research and spent several hours at the library. I love the fact that bonus trials are being made available! Even though my friend spent $500 on the program, she was still overjoyed! I just think about how much more excited she would have been if she had only paid $70.00 — or less!

Thanks again!


Daniel, one of my workmates heard about Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Clenase. He spent every night watching the 5 p.m. to see if they would do a story on the This Combo Detox Diet. Several of us in the office had a bet going on when it would occur. Several of us lost quite a bit.

These products have changed our lives and are truly wonderful. I hope anyone who wants to improve their life will take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

Now everyone in the office is talking about the Pure Life Cleanse. No matter where I go I seem to see this product. In fact they were even handing out samples the other day in the supermarket. I love this product so much I bought three cases!


My husband and I both knew we needed to drop some pounds. We have a family reunion coming up and we haven’t seen many of the family members for 25 years! Imagine that!

It is my hope they will be impressed with the new trim me! If it all goes well, many of them may not even recognize me. Who knows where our new healthy bodies may lead us? For instance, one woman I work with recently got a promotion. We don’t think it was any accident that the promotion came right after she slimmed down. Maybe I can get a promotion, too, after this two month plan takes effect!


I did some additional research and found out this product really does what Ronald Ray and a number of scientists say it does. There is a detoxification supplement that no one seems to be talking about. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out a lot of celebrities are using it. I bet it’s discussed often at the parties in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I ordered a 1-month supply of the Pure Life Cleanse and Pure Cambogia Ultra Products~


For three months I’ve been putting off a weight loss program. Today is the day I am finally going to get started. I ordered the trails and am planning to do 25 minutes of Tai Bo followed by some running. But most importantly, I’m starting right now! Thanks Trending Health For Women for giving me the motivation to get started!


I recently saw a report on TV that stated Pure Cambogia Ultra & the Life Cleanse combination have an even greater affect on men than women! That’s great, because lots of men want to lose weight, too! I am going to jump on this trial before the offer expires. Thanks for the tips. My boyfriend is loving this diet, so please let all the guys out there know! I hope the next report emphasizes that men lose weight on this program, too!


Recently I was on a flight to Las Vegas and watched Oprah on the Inflight TV. On the show the supplements were mentioned, but I wasn’t sure how to order them. I then came across your site. Thanks for the link to the bonus trial supplies! I love that I can try them out first. I hate to pay for something until I know it works.

I have now been using the formula for three weeks — WOW! This stuff is amazing! The results are unbelievable! Thank you for the article and for the test!


I am very impressed. I would stand by this diet even if it meant standing on my head! I started about a month ago and can’t say enough good things about it. So far I have dropped almost 19 pounds and my life is changed! I really sincerely recommend this diet to anyone who wants to melt their fat away! I found it especially effective for the areas around my thighs and hips!


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